Ongsho is a unique brand there have lot of services

ONGSHO means “part” in English and in Bengali “অংশ”. Mainly ONGSHO is working to ensure basic needs of people. The motto of ONGSHO is “ a part of your needs”.

Ongsho Limited

In 2018 Ongsho start Ongsho Ads. There are two type of account system. In Advertiser account anyone can publish ads to a large community. Monetize any website or blogs using Ongsho Ads publisher account to get their ads code for earning.

In 2015 Ongsho also open up Online Shopping (e Commerce) site to build our Business. We are providing product to all over Bangladesh. Some of categories are computing, traditional product, cloth, bike and riding, furniture, 1 to 99, grocery items etc.

Since 2015 Ongsho have Ongsho Cloud to provide storage capacity. “OWS” Have clients From USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Bangladesh also. If any client wants to host web site, application or cloud computing, then ows can be used.

In 2015 Ongsho also started a Bangla Blog. The name of the Bangla Blog is Pandulipe where people can write to different sections such as biography of wiser, tutorials, tips, health, beautification, entertainment and science and technology etc in bangla language.

In 2012 Ongsho started Ongsho Foundation to provide youth voluntary services. The organization is working as a voluntary organization dedicated to promote and ensure a better quality life for the underprivileged people and their rights, especially improving children’s lives by identifying and recognizing extraordinary individuals in needs of our country.

From 2010 Ongsho owns Ongsho Institute of Technology to provide training opportunity with basic and advance technology. More than 1000 student learnt basic and advance technology from Ongsho Institute of Technology.

In that year 2010 Ongsho built up a Freelancer Team those are working on clients from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Bangladesh in top level marketplace of upwork. Freelancer, fiverr and envato. During freelancing Ongsho is with e Park Ltd as sister Concern Company.

Ongsho’s object is to carry on the business in ICT sector in Bangladesh or abroad or jointly in collaboration with foreign Companies that will related to ICT Development.


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