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10 Rules To Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged

Do you know that most visitors leave a website within 10 seconds of landing on the home page? And they may never return to the same site. To keep your website visitors stay longer, you need to engage them. Follow these 10 simple rules to build a set of core loyal visitors who will return to your site frequently. Read more »

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3 Main Reasons Why Video Advertising Is Becoming More Popular

Video advertising is the new way to get the message out about your business, services or products. Here are the three main reasons why video advertising is currently one of the most popular internet marketing methods.

With increasing access to broadband connection, online video streaming as a form of advertisement is becoming increasingly popular. Different types of videos abound in the internet – video emails, video instant messages, video broadcasts, and video blogs. Read more »

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3 Simple Way To Stop Affiliate Link Hijackers

There are many ways to earn an honest buck using the Internet, while others just try to find the best deals possible. There was a time when people that were surfing the Net were more prone to click on the affiliate links and buy stuff without thinking too much of it. Not it seems that the things are a little bit different, due to the fact that the prices are higher than they were before and some people try to “Hijack” the commissions by replacing the ID of the affiliate links with their ID. Read more »

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Start form Campus in 2007

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Start form Campus in 2007 to voluntary work for children. In my country’s children to much needy to support for learning. They don’t know how to Survive. That’s why arrange a meeting with some of my friend. Topic is what can we do for our children to betterment of there future.